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What do you need to sell your car quickly, efficiently and at the highest rate? Selling privately is a time consuming process with no guarantee. The dealer does not give a grand prize either. Most car dealers certainly not. Where can you go?


CONSIGNATION offers the possibility to sell your car for you. We take all your worries off your hands. Don't you want that too? Stop a lengthy search for the right company or the right buyer. Make the most of the sale and come to You can make direct use of our national and international reach. In addition, you have no hassle at the door with the settlement and / or later problems with the car. We are happy to work for you!

Our building fully secured and insured so that you can leave your car with peace of mind. You also no longer have to pay road tax and insurance costs, which often saves a lot of money.

Leaving your car is absolutely not a must. You can also choose to continue driving in your car. Only when someone responds to your car should the car be temporarily in our showroom for a viewing. We negotiate, trade in and prepare the car for sale on your behalf. We take professional photos and put your car for sale on various internet sites and various sales channels.

If you want and / or need to get rid of your vehicle faster, we can also make you an offer immediately. We strive to make you a realistic and appropriate offer at all times.

Want to know more? Feel free to drop by or make contact with us to go through all the possibilities.

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